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Home Home New UML4AS Version: 1.0.0.M2; New Flower Platform Product

We are very happy to announce a couple of things.

First, a brand new version for UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex: 1.0.0.M2_2010.12.23. Please take a look at the release notes. This release has a lot of improvements, enhanced ergonomics and increased stability (over 60 bugs fixed). We want every version of UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex to increment the “developer friendliness” with a couple of units, and the new 1.0.0.M2 does this for sure.

Second, we are releasing a new product from the Flower Platform family: Gantt4Flex, which is a Flex Gantt diagram library, based on the powerful diagramming library that’s behind the UML4AS UI. We are planning a downloadable version of Gantt4Flex by the end of 2010. Other products are planned to be released within the Flower Modeling and/or Application Platform in the future.

Third, we have restructured the web site, in order to make it a cozy place for Gantt4Flex and the products that will follow. We’ll make some changes to forum soon.

The Flower Platform / UML4AS team wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Fruitful and … Well-designed New Year!